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Here at WWW.HOCUSTOM.COM we have over 1,000 1/64 Scale slot car / die cast decals to create almost any NASCAR stock car. We recently have started making our own Sports car decals also and are building a large selection for Lemans type racers. We have a variety of bodies from NASCAR stock cars from 1940 to 2008 and many Lemans/ gtp/ Sports car bodies. We also carry many street and muscle car bodies. You can purchase the decals or raw bodies or order a custom painted and decaled body using a body you send us (Resin, AFX, Tomy, Tyco, Johnny Lighnting, Auto World, Etc...) or one of ours. Prices vary as to body and paint scheme. Email me at STP43CC@AOL.COM for a quote. We are trying to update the gallery every 6 months so if you ar looking for a picture of a particular car there's a good chance it's in there!!!
Click on pictures for larger scale image.
To see some of our HOCustom cars for sale, please click on these Links. Decal lists will be updated Daily.
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